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New Name! Enkyori~

From now on, all icons that were credited to <lj user="anta_no_tame_ni">
will now be credited to <lj user="enkyori">

Please take note of this! =D
My last username just wasn't simple enough.
I've got two big posts coming up soon, sorry for the inactivity! D=
Look forward to tons of BoA and Koisaya~ &hearts; 

Also...Goddamnit, I didn't know all accounts made after March has to be plus accounts.
I've got crappy adds flying all around my new journal! What a shitty deal!
I guess I've got to buy a plus account... cheap bastards eljay.  
They could at least spare the journal page from advertisements,
Ruining my layout > : (  too bad I'm fucking broke.
I guess I'll have to deal with it for now T__T   
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